Plastic Free July is halfway done so its a good time to check in.

For some, this might be your first foray into the eco-concious movement. For others, this is just old hat. 

Some of you might be saying, Plastic Free What? 

Plastic Free July is a movement started to help combat the immense amount of waste humans have and continue to produce by bringing awareness and assistance.

By now, we are sure you have heard the basics - bring your own reusable shopping bag to the market, "choose to refuse" plastic straws, cutlery, and bags, carry your own water bottle, etc. 

Several major global food and coffee establishments have announced that by the year 2020 they will eliminate single use plastic straws completely. 

Despite massive efforts being made by huge groups, there is still a long way to go. And it's important to remember, this movement won't happen overnight. Much of what needs implemented must be done so on a grand scale. So if you find yourself at the grocery store and you see plastic in your shopping cart, don't beat yourself up. Make the changes you can right now, and work towards implementing others in the future. And do your part to reuse and recycle. 

We at the Alles office do our best to leave a small eco footprint, but we too are only human! Our products are packaged in recyclable and reusable materials to help lead us in the right direction. 


With Love, 

The Alles Body Care Team 

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