Quick Ways to Spruce the Home (during quarantine)

Quick Ways to Spruce the Home (during quarantine)

It's spring! The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and most of us are staying safe inside at home. (We are thankful for all of those who are working tirelessly to keep us well stocked and protected!) 

Staring at these same walls has given us some crazy home improvement ideas, but instead of heading to swap meets or garage sales (or painting the walls gold), we've designed some long lasting, durable products to help make your home a bit more comfortable. 



Spending more time in bed? Us too. We're not mad about it, and in fact, our new InfraCycle sheets make spending time in bed that much more luxurious. Our limited edition InfraCycle sheets uses special technology to help give you the best sleep of your life. By capturing the heat emitted by your body and recycling it back as wavelengths of infrared energy you can regulate temperature, improve microcirculation and boost cellular recovery, all while laying in bed. We may never leave! 



Give your plants a new home, trust me, they want it! 

Studies show that plants react positively to the same InfraCycle technology that has been permanently embedded into the recycled yarns of our SunCycle grow bags

SunCycle grow bags are unique fabric pots designed with proven light enhancing fibers to help stimulate root growth and self prune, meaning no root strangulation. Watch your plants thrive and help maintain growth energy during the night, which can help produce larger and quicker yields. 

Their sleek design make them a great fit for any part of the home, and their handles make it easy to pick up and move so you can find your plant friends the perfect spot of sunlight. 



We don't know about you all, but we find ourselves wearing shoes far less frequently these days. On the plus side, it's giving our feet a nice break! Our feet still crave comfort, so what better way than with one of our three InfraCycle Socks? Choose from Alpaca Blend, Organic Cotton or be one of the first to pre-order our new cushioned, pill resistant style. These socks help regulate temperature and can even reduce inflammation and pain. We may never go back to wearing shoes again. 

(Yes, even dogs love our socks!) 

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