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Bespoke Robe

Bespoke Robe

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Our Bespoke Robes are made with limited edition textiles, meaning no two are alike. 

They all have side pockets at the hip, and a sash to wrap around your waist. 

Based on material availability and our zero waste ethos, each design is slightly different. 


Have a fabric you'd like us to make into your perfect Bespoke Robe? Let us know


Waffle is a 100% cotton outer fabric. The inner lining is a powerful polyester infrared fabric designed to keep you at homeostasis and improve microcirculation and comfort. 


Pink Geisha is a heavy weight outer fabric, probably a cotton/silk blend. The inner lining fabric is a super soft Infrared poly/cotton blend in a gorgeous purple color. Perfect for rest, recovery, and lounging around the house looking like royalty. 


Blue Terrycloth is a single layer robe made with mid weight terry cloth fabric infused with EcoZinc, a naturally occurring element that helps skin tone and kill bacteria. Wear after a warm bath or lounging around drinking your morning coffee. 

Floral is a lightweight 100% cotton outer layer, with a unique inner lining infused with elements to make your skin softer. 

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