Jade Roller - Alles Body
Jade Roller - Alles Body
Jade Roller - Alles Body
Alles Body

Jade Roller

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The Benefits:

Decreases puffiness
Stimulates collagen
Increases blood circulation
Lifts facial muscles
Minimizes lines
Assists in detoxing and lymphatic drainage

How To:

1. Start with a clean face and clean products.
2. Always work upwards towards your hairline in smooth strokes.
3. Use even, gentle pressure and repeat over each area several times.
4. Finish at your décolletage and move out to help drain your lymphatic system.

Tips & Tricks:

*Use the small roller side for the areas around the eyes, nose, and mouth.
*Remember to use light, even pressure to help protect your delicate skin. No pulling!
*Keep your jade in the fridge for a refreshing treat!
*Always clean your products when you are done.