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Classic Big Mess Denim Apron - Laurel Green

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As seen at the McEvoy Ranch in the gorgeous Petaluma, CA. 


We like getting messy, but we don't like when our clothes show the evidence. 

We sourced selvedge and leftover denim to create one of a kind, durable aprons. 

Our process is zero waste, so any cuttings from our apron get repurposed into something new! 

Large, double sided pockets to hold all your goodies. 




*Want something more custom? Reach out to design your perfect Mess Maker.* 


Care Instructions:  

Preferred Method: Wash cold with like colors, line dry. 

Denim has been pre-washed and line dried to preserve the integrity of the denim. If you choose to dry your apron in a heat dryer, we suggest a low setting as the apron might shrink slightly.