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Alles Body

Rhapsody Purple Big Mess Apron - Seconds

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Oops, the pocket is a little low. 


We like getting messy, but we don't like when our clothes show the evidence. 

We sourced selvedge and leftover denim to create one of a kind, durable aprons. New style includes 100% adjustable cotton strap with silver hardware. 

Our process is zero waste, so any cuttings from our apron get repurposed into something new! 

*Want something more custom? Reach out to design your perfect Mess Maker.* 


Care Instructions:  

Preferred Method: Wash cold with like colors, line dry. 

Denim has been pre-washed and line dried to preserve the integrity of the denim. If you choose to dry your apron in a heat dryer, we suggest a low setting as the apron might shrink slightly.