Technical Textiles

Using natural and ethically derived minerals, we help harness the body's own energy to create long lasting and positive effects. 

Our goal is to help you achieve corporal homeostasis.

Added benefits? Providing bacterial defense, improving performance, or easing into ultimate relaxation. 


Magic Crystals

The reactive minerals that make up our Magic Crystal InfraCycle formula are permanently infused into carrier fibers to alter the body's energy, providing a beneficial wavelength similar to light therapy you would find at a high end spa or physical recovery centers. 

This helps to increase blood flow, normalize temperature and minimize moisture retention. 


Want to learn more? Check out the InfraCycle website. 



HoneyCombx is a potent combination of single layer graphene and gold, developed, sourced and patented in the USA. 

In addition to being incredibly durable, HoneyCombX enhanced materials are thermoregulating and self cleaning, making them the perfect base for those with an active lifestyle. 

Want to learn more? Visit the HoneyCombX website. 


Nano-Silver Fabrics

Silver infused fabrics have been shown to have the unique ability to protect against EMF radiation as well as being a powerful antimicrobial agent.