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Circular based fabric projects. Restructuring and repurposing the way we handle textiles and textile waste.


Infrared Boosted Textiles

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What does it mean to be sustainable?

evolving circularity


The materials used in our textile projects are; vintage, reclaimed, recycled, deadstock, end-of-bolt, scraps, cuttings, brand discards, thrifted and/or donated.

Sometimes, in order to help extend the life of what we make, we must purchase new materials. These are locally sourced where possible.

Has your product reached its end-of-life? Let us know.


Our skin health products are intentionally housed in Miron violet glass, designed to help prevent material degradation and extend shelf life. We encourage you to reuse and repurpose the bottles. Check out our tips on how to re-use yours. LINK HERE


We offer a takeback program on all of our textile based products. We will continue to repurpose what is salvagable, and safely discard what remains. Want to learn more? Click here.

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