We've designed our textile products to be durable and long-lasting, but everything has an end-of-life. 

The linear structure of "purchase, use, discard" does not work, and we are thrilled to see other companies working to change this paradigm. 

Our first step is to use materials that would otherwise be considered waste. This could be anything from fabrics and trims discarded by brands, donations, thrifted materials, one-offs or mix-matched sets, and end-of-bolts from storefronts. Our aim to is repurpose what we can, and if new materials must be purchased, we opt for things that can be safely recycled or further repurposed. 


We encourage our customers to find creative ways to upcycle their goods once they reach their end of life, but if you are unable to recycle or repurpose the products yourself, we are proud to offer our TEXTILE TAKEBACK PROGRAM. 

When you're done with your ALLES product, send it back to us, and we will repurpose whatever we can, and safely discard the rest. 



We ask that you return the item to us clean, and without any additional items. At this time, we can only accept Alles products, fitted with an ALLES tag.