Skinhealth Spotlight: ASTAXANTHIN

Skinhealth Spotlight: ASTAXANTHIN


Sourced from sustainable micro-algae, Astaxanthin is a potent antioxidant, suppressing the secretion of inflammatory cytokines which are what cause wrinkles and affect collagen levels in skin.

Natural astaxanthin helps to reduce visible signs of aging at each layer of the skin. As a fat soluble nutrient with a unique structure, astaxanthin has the ability to support skin hydration by locking in moisture, promoting smoothness, and enhancing skin elasticity, as proven in over 60 human clinical studies. 


Using astaxanthin topically and internally helps to provide the best benefits for your skin, and has been shown to be 1.6x stronger than vitamin C. 

"The singlet oxygen quenching capacity of astaxanthin is 6000x that of vitamin C in vitro, and it provides added benefits by protecting cell membranes that water-soluble antioxidants, like vitamin C, cannot access." (AstaReal) 


Oxidative stress is caused by many things, including UV exposure and skin dryness, which thus causes skin inflammation.

Natural astaxanthin helps skin lock in moisture, makes skin more resilient to environmental factors, promotes longevity of existing dermal structures, and supports the skin’s ability to replenish important components that contribute to hydrated, smooth, elastic, and younger-looking skin.

Check the links below to read some cool scientific studies. 


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