Purposefully housed in powerful Miron violet glass, our skin heath products may have an extended shelf life. When you are finished with the Alles products, we encourage you to reuse and repurpose the glass. 

See our list below for some easy tips and tricks. 

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Before you begin... 

Take your containers and make sure they are empty and clean of any product. Fill a basin with warm, soapy water and submerge the jar. Take a bottle brush and scrub the inside, making sure to get all the nooks and crannies. You may need to leave the jar submerged for some time before the label comes off. Rinse, and dry. 


1. Apotek Jars 

Fill with herbs, spices or specialty salts, and keep in the kitchen! 


2. Countertop screw-top jars 

Great for storing nuts, supplements, powders, or filling with water and tea to make sun tea! The miron glass will give your tea and boost! 


3. Balm Jars

Perfect for storing jewelry or vitamins  on-the-go, or refill with your favorite cream for a travel friendly solution. 


4. Restore and serum bottles 

Repeat cleaning method with warm soapy water to clean the tops. Don't feel like using them? No problem, the bottom bottle works perfectly as a mini vase. See if you notice your cut flowers last a little longer...


Due to sanitary reasons, at this moment we are unable to accept any skin health packaging for recycling.