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SunCycle Pot Liners

SunCycle Pot Liners

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These powerful pot liners are designed to boost root growth and maintain healthy plants! 


Recycled polyester made from post consumer plastic bottles diverted out of the waste stream and permanently embedded with special minerals that have been shown to help enhance growth and plant vitality. 

Energy Boost: 

SunCycle Grow Bags are unique fabric pots designed with proven light enhancing fibers to help stimulate root growth and help maintain growth energy during the night which produce larger and quicker yields. 

Conscious Materials: 

SunCycle Grow Bags are made of a sustainable eco-polyester that has been harvested from post consumer recycled bottles eliminated from the waste stream. 

These bottles are melted down and mixed with light enhancing sustainably sourced minerals to produce a breathable, reusable and grow enhancing environment for your plant. 


Raw Power: 

Our fiber has special minerals embedded inside the fibers themselves so the technology last forever.

We opted to keep the fabric raw to show the off white minerals and limit our dyeing water waste. 


Healthier Roots: 

Traditional planting pots can lack proper drainage, so roots grow in circle, strangling themselves and cutting off oxygenation. 

They are designed to encourage the growth of several larger roots which dominate the pot and constrict nutrient ingestion. 


Superior Grow Bag Technology: 

Sun cycle fabric grow bags aerate the soil, prevent overgrowth and overwatering. 

Roots stay healthy through "air-pruning" which is a vital step in growing healthy container plants. 

A more fibrous root system allows the plant to take in more nutrients and water. 


Care Instructions: 

Wash in warm water, light cycle, hang to dry. 

Do not use bleach or fabric softener. 

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